Our primary goal is to give you healthy, straight teeth and the beautiful smile that you've always wanted

We understand that choosing to receive orthodontic care is a big decision, and we respect your reasons for wanting to improve the way you look and feel.  Our practice will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your orthodontic care is as rewarding as possible.  We take care that your treatment environment is enjoyable with music, Wi-Fi and television.  We also utilize the latest technology to offer you a variety of safe and gentle treatments to give you the customized, individual care you deserve.

Every smile starts with an initial consultation


Your journey to a beautiful smile begins with an initial consultation with Dr Suliman and she will be pleasant, punctual, and very informative! You’ll get to tour our office, meet the team, and chat with Dr Suliman!

You do not need a referral from your dentist or GP. Upon your appointment, Dr Suliman and her team will review your dental and medical history and conduct a complete oral and facial examination. We answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to determine which treatment is right for you.

The right plan for you


The next step involves diagnostic radiographic (X-Rays), study models and photographs to aid in diagnosis and the formulating of a customised treatment plan

An appointment is scheduled to discuss your treatment


As well as discussing the orthodontic informed consent involving the financial policy and the payment plans, we answer any further questions you may have.

It is important that you leave the office with a clear understanding of your specific needs including our financial policy and the costs involved. We believe that good orthodontic care begins with open communication.

Scheduling appointments every 4 – 6 weeks


We work with you to make sure that your appointments are on days and times most convenient for you. And if “life happens!”  – you’re running late or need to reschedule – please let us know. We will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Visiting the dentist during orthodontic treatment


Every patient starting treatment receives oral hygiene instructions, an oral hygiene kit, and a booklet explaining all the aspects of treatment and a list of foods to avoid.

If you’d like to chat to me about your or your child’s treatment,
please make contact here
Dr Shameela Suliman.  Specialist in Orthodontics and DentoFacial Orthopaedics


Scheduling & Appointments

We are aware that getting to the orthodontist whilst juggling school and work is not always easy. We value your time and therefore understand the importance of minimizing appointment times

○     Initial Examination: 60 minutes

○     Records: 30 minutes

○     Initial Bonding: 60-90 minutes

○     Adjustment Appointments: 30 minutes

If you notice that part of your braces feels broken or loose, please call to notify us before your appointment; at least 24 hours before, but the sooner the better.  We’ll help determine whether or not it’s something that requires an earlier visit to address the problem.  Unfortunately if you are scheduled for a routine adjustment appointment and you do not notify us of something broken or loose, we may not have time to repair the issue at that same appointment. Please keep us informed.

We respect your valuable time and do our best to run on schedule. To serve each patient in a prompt and efficient manner, we ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. If you are late for an appointment, we ask that you see one of our front office staff members to determine if you can be rescheduled the same day or if you will need to be rescheduled to another day.

Successful orthodontic treatment requires a series of scheduled appointments throughout treatment. It is in the patient’s best interest to reschedule a missed appointment as soon as possible. Please contact our office immediately and we will work with you to reschedule missed appointments at our earliest convenience. After a 2nd consecutive missed appointment, we will require a refundable deposit to hold an appointment slot.

Office Policies

Below you will find some details about our office policies

Our initial consultation is one of the most important appointments throughout your entire orthodontic treatment, and thus a full hour of our time will be reserved just for you

We understand that your time is valuable, therefore we will make every effort to see each patient at his/her scheduled time. In return, we ask that our patients arrive on time for their appointments.

We prefer to schedule the long appointments in the morning hours and the adjustment appointments in the afternoon in order to be able to accommodate our school going patients.

We appreciate that your time is extremely valuable; we hope you understand that our time is also valuable!

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please provide us with as much notice as possible, preferably at least 24 hours. This allows us to rearrange our patients to accommodate your scheduling change.

We understand that situations arise unexpectedly that may force you to cancel your appointment, but we trust that you will work with us to maintain the integrity of our scheduling system which allows us to provide efficient and effective orthodontic care.

Please note that we do have a cancellation fee if the appointment is not canceled within 24 hours or if the patient does not inform our office that they will not be able to come for their appointment.

Financial Options

Interest Free Financing

We offer interest free payment plans which can be settled in various ways for your convenience.

We accept: Internet transfers (EFT) major credit cards Cash *insert images of cards* bank guaranteed cheques (no post dated cheques accepted).

Payment is expected at the time services are performed. When more extensive orthodontic care is necessary, financial arrangements with payment plan options can be made with our office. This arrangement will extend over the anticipated duration of the orthodontic treatment.

Medical Aid Schemes / Insurance

The fees charged for services rendered to those who are insured are the usual and customary fees charged to all our patients for similar services. Your policy may base its allowances on a fixed fee schedule, which may or may not coincide with our usual fees. You should be aware that different medical aid schemes vary greatly in the types of coverage available.

Our accounting staff will prepare all the necessary forms/quotes needed by your medical aid scheme. However, we remind you that your specific policy is an agreement between you and your scheme. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for your total obligation for treatment provided. Our staff will gladly provide you with a pre-treatment estimate to submit to your scheme so that you will know what your benefits will be prior to starting treatment.